Hello! I am Bruce Wallace, a musician, producer and multimedia artist. I am also a teacher, working between a local music college and private students. Most students come to me because they are similarly left-field in their thinking and creative practice. For private lessons on anything from music theory and guitar lessons to building custom DSP synthesisers and using DAWs for recording/producing/composing, email me at:


Here are some links to some projects I have worked on…

A video-tuition series I produce –



Bands –

Bloke Music (most recent and ongoing) –





Previous band projects –





A band I formed in college – best described as ‘odd-pop’…


A Surf-Rock band I formed in the mid 2000s…


Electronic/solo stuff –

Recordings made for my postgraduate course. For the last two years I have been studying for a PGdip in Sonic Arts. Composing and performing with technology. These are some early exploratory compositions I recorded before going down the audiovisual route – https://mymachines.bandcamp.com/

A ridiculous hip hop project I was involved with at uni – https://teamspozbod.bandcamp.com/album/joint-honours

Collabs with friends for fun. Very old recordings here – https://bravesquirrel.bandcamp.com/

Other collabs –

I played guitar on some of singer-songwriter Donna Maciocia’s recordings and collaborated on an electronic track with her…



Live soundtrack composition/performance to accompany a Scottish Arts Council funded short tour of Rebecca Joy Sharp’s Little Forks story. Told in English and Gaelic. It was interesting learning to anticipate cues in Gaelic! All sounds made live, in-rehearsal, with guitar, fx and a looper – https://soundcloud.com/bruce-wallace-3

A very silly home recording project with a couple of old friends – https://thehaberdashers.bandcamp.com/

Audiovisual and multimedia (working with artist Rebecca Gibson)


Here’s an example of us improvising with our audiovisual instruments. More video links on the facebook page…


http://www.facebook.com/glasgowgamelan – we are working on a project with Gamelan Naga Mas using the audiovisual system.

We also made a video for electronic duo Hi & Saberhägen – https://youtu.be/6nqDOqBPMPI

A short sci-fi movie I did sound design and music for using custom built synthesisers…



I also co-produce records with Graeme Young of the legendary Chamber Studio in Edinburgh. Our most recent release was ‘Devil’s Luck’, the new record by Melisa Kelly and the Smokin’ Crows. Soon after the release, I joined the band as guitarist…

My contact info: brucewallaceams@gmail.com